No matter what your level of experience, every surfer in the water is still learning to surf! Surfing is not only about standing on a board. It is about learning to become attuned and responsive to a constantly changing dynamic environment. Wind, waves, and tide are in constant flux, and it is learning to first recognize, and then anticipate, such changing conditions that allows for the exhilarating experience of riding a wave. Only by recognizing and anticipating incoming waves can you position yourself properly to catch a wave. This is learned in the water – any time in the water is good time spent. Whether it’s your first wave straight to the beach or your first stand-up barrel, no two waves are ever the same! You know you’re a surfer when you’re having fun and never stop learning…

What to expect from a Driftwood surf lesson

When you take a lesson at Driftwood you should expect to gain a foundation in:

— SURF TECHNIQUE: proper paddle positioning, the “pop-up,” and stance on the board. We will provide the surfboard.

— ORIENTATION TO CONDITIONS: recognize wind direction, tide, wave size and shape, and water currents such as rip-tides.

— BOARD MANAGEMENT: handling the surfboard properly in the water to minimize the chances of injury.

— WATER SAFETY: integration of the above knowledge and skills ensuring high degree of mindfulness in the water.

Schedule a lesson today:

— Stop in the shop or

— Call the shop at 904.321.2188 or

— Fill out the short form below

Lesson rates

The typical lesson will take from 60-70 minutes, and be instructed by an experienced CPR certified instructor in surf appropriate to those taking the lesson. Longer lessons are certainly available. Cash is preferred (tips optional).

– Individual lesson: $70 per hour.

– Two or three participants: $60 per person/ hour

– Four or more participants (with multiple instructors): $50 per person/ hour

What to bring to your lesson:

– Sunscreen (also available at the shop)

– Rash guard to protect skin from chaffing on the board

– Water

– Towel

– Bring your STOKE!! You’re gonna SURF!!

Stoked after a lesson!

Learning to read the conditions

Paddling for a wave

She's in it!

This is what it's all about!!

Paddling in the sand

Surf lessons for all skill levels and abilities!

Learning the "pop-up"

Getting the proper stance

Enjoying the beauty of the ocean

Wave to mom